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Run Weather – Thirsty Leprechaun 5K

The inaugural Thirsty Leprechaun 5K will be held along the beautiful waterfront of South Portland and Casco Bay this Saturday, March 16, 2019. The fun-filled 5K starts at 10:00 a.m. and passes through Bug Light Park before ending at the American Legion #35 where runners will be greeted with their very own commemorative mug and delicious craft brew by Foulmouthed Brewing!

The weather in Portland can be quite dicey around St. Patrick’s Day, and, overall, it looks like the runners will have the luck o’ the Irish on their side for this one. It will be dry and relatively mild, but the wind will be active all morning long. The good news is the wind will be at your back for part of the race. Since it’s a loop course, you’ll be fighting that wind at other times, too, but most of the headwind will happen in the second half of the race when you can practically “smell the barn” (or smell the beer!). Check out the video below for a course-specific outlook on the weather.

Run Weather race-day forecast is warmer than normal for March 16 – a bit windy, though!

If I was running this race, I would have a singlet, shorts, and maybe a light pair of gloves. That’s the best way to approach it if you’re looking for a fast time and like to race competitively. If you’re running it just for fun, then a long-sleeved shirt is probably not a bad idea since the breeze will make it feel more like the 30s than the 40s. I would not overdress for this one. If your goal is to finish in under 30 minutes, I think you’ll be a little too warm if you go with the tights, running jacket, hat and gloves.

Computer model data showing the gusty westerly breeze Saturday morning

I would have the jacket handy for the end of the race if you plan on running a short cool-down or just hanging around outside. Once you’re sweaty, it will not take long to feel quite chilly if you’re outside in the gusty wind.

Portland is normally pretty chilly in mid-March!

Fred Campagna

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