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June 9 – Two rain events this week

The nicest weekend of the year to date gives way to more clouds on Monday. Expect highs in the 70s to near 80 with a southerly breeze and higher humidity. Rain will hold off until after 4 pm in Connecticut and until around 6 pm in Rhode Island and Eastern Massachusetts. The rain could be heavy at times with thunderstorms possible Monday evening.

Rain may be heavy at times Tuesday evening

The heaviest rain threat moves out before dawn on Tuesday, but a few showers may linger in the morning. Rain totals will vary, but there is a good chance that most areas will get at least a half-inch total from Monday night through Tuesday morning. Towns that get heavy downpours with possible t-storms could get 1-2″ of rain.

Scattered showers linger over eastern New England Tuesday morning

Expect dry skies Tuesday afternoon with highs well into the 70s. It may get to 80 if the sun breaks through. The humidity will gradually lower during the day. Pleasant weather is in the forecast for Wednesday. Look for partly sunny skies with highs in the 70s and low humidity.

A storm system moving out of the Mid-Atlantic states will likely bring rain during the day on Thursday. It looks relatively cool with temperatures in the 60s. Whereas the early week system brings rain mainly at night, the Thursday storm threat is primarily during the day. Once again, heavy downpours are possible.

The weather gets back on track late in the workweek into the Father’s Day weekend. It’s early, but the outlook is for an early-summer feel with warm days and mild nights next weekend. It will likely be muggier than this weekend was. Right now, it looks dry, but there may be a front west of New England that ends up closer than currently projected. If that happens, then showers/storms may come into play at some point.

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