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July 15 – Hot July rolls on

The first two weeks of July were the third warmest on record in the Boston area and fifth warmest on record in the Hartford area. It’s also been warm, though not quite in the top 10, in Providence. 10 of the first 14 days this month were above 90 in Hartford. There’s more 90+ heat on the way, and the hottest weather yet is possible this weekend.

It may sneak back to 90 degrees inland as soon as Tuesday afternoon, although very humid weather will not arrive until Wednesday. Expect a few more clouds on Wednesday morning, and scattered thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon/evening – especially in Connecticut. If the storms do not develop, then there is a good chance of reaching 90 inland on Wednesday. The dew point will be near 70 on Wednesday, so it will feel warmer than the air temperature.

70+ dew point on Wednesday – oppressive!

The remnants of Barry will get caught in the jet stream in the midweek, and the shower and thunderstorm threat continues through Thursday. With very humid air in place, there could be localized torrential downpours between late Wednesday and early Friday as the disturbance passes by. There will also be breaks in the rain, so Thursday may not be a total washout. It will be cooler, but still very humid on Thursday with temperatures in the 70s or 80s depending on whether any sun breaks through.

The weekend looks HOT with highs in the 90s likely on at least Saturday. There is a reasonable chance that it gets to 90 on Friday and Sunday, which would make it a heat wave. The hot and humid weather could last into early next week before breaking Monday or Tuesday.

The long range outlook suggests that it will not be quite as hot for the end of July. While it may not be refreshingly cool, it should be less brutal than the heat/humidity that we will endure in the next week or so.

Fred Campagna

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