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October 29 – More rain on the way

It will get warmer in the midweek, but the trade-off will be more showers on Wednesday followed by steadier rain Thursday into early Friday. It looks like there will be about an inch of rain in most of Southern New England. The outlook is not great for trick or treating with a high likelihood of showers around Thursday evening. Look for temps in the 60s both Wednesday and Thursday.

Showers are likely Thursday into early Friday

The storm system will move a bit quicker than first thought, and rain may end by about 8 am on Friday. It will stay mild on Friday before a gusty wind brings in much cooler weather for the weekend. You can expect mid-upper 60s on Friday afternoon. It will fall all the way to the 30s by dawn on Saturday.

The high temperature will be in the low-mid 50s this weekend into early next week. There is a good chance that it stays dry through Tuesday before another system brings rain in the midweek.

Store this one away…the models are hinting at a possible wintry event for at least part of New England around November 10th or so. Models also show the temperature averaging near to slightly warmer than normal into mid-December.

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