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October 8 – Coastal storm bringing rain/wind for a few days

The ocean storm forming off the Eastern Seaboard will come close enough to New England for an extended stretch of unsettled weather from Wednesday into the weekend. The biggest impact from the storm will be in Southeastern Massachusetts with the heaviest rain, strongest winds, and large waves causing beach erosion and possibly coastal flooding. Rhode Island will see gusty wind near the coast, and periods of moderate/heavy rain primarily between Thursday and late Friday. Connecticut gets more of a glancing blow with the strongest winds in New London County and 1-2″ rain spread out over approximately 72 hours.

Heavy rain is possible in part of RI and SE MA Thursday

The easiest way to break down the forecast is by state, so let’s do that below.

Rhode Island Impacts

Rain spreads inland from the coast during the day. It’s possible that it will stay dry in northern RI in the morning, but the latest info suggests that the rain may steadily advance north beginning around sunrise. 0.25-0.5″ rain by sunset on Wednesday. Breezy and cool with temps in the 50s. NE wind 15-25 mph with a few higher gusts.

Rain is likely Wednesday night and the wind will pick up near the coast. Gusts over 35 mph are possible near the coast. Another 0.25-0.5″ rain likely at night.

More rain and wind on Thursday. 0.5-1″ rain, with the highest totals likely near the coast. 15-25 mph northeast winds with a few gusts over 40 mph possible near the coast. Temperature hovers in the low 50s. Rain/wind continue Thursday night with another 0.5-1″ rain possible.

Friday looks dreary with more showers around. Another 0.5-1″ rain is possible between dawn on Friday and midnight. The wind will not be as strong. Temperature stays in the 50s.

It looks like the storm will slowly pull away on Saturday with showers lingering for a while in the morning. Dry weather likely returns by Sunday.

South and east facing shores could see beach erosion and coastal flooding during high tide cycles Thursday through Saturday.

Rain totals between 1.5-3.5″ are likely between Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. Peak winds 25 mph sustained, 40 mph gusts (likely Thursday)

Connecticut Impacts

Showers may move into Connecticut as soon as Wednesday morning. Over time, the storm may have a bigger impact in Southeastern New England than in Connecticut. Generally showery weather is likely Wednesday through Friday in Connecticut. The gustiest winds and most rain are likely in the southeastern part of the state. Temps will likely stay in the 50s for a few days. Coastal flooding is possible during high tide Thursday and Friday.

Rain totals between 0.5″ northwest and 1.5″ southeast between Wednesday and Friday night. There is a lower chance of rain in CT on Saturday. Peak winds 20-25 mph sustained with gusts 35-40 mph near the coast late Wednesday into Thursday.

Southeastern Massachusetts Impacts

The storm will undoubtedly have the biggest impact in Southeastern Massachusetts. Rain arrives Wednesday morning and continues off an on for about 72-84 hours before finally ending sometime Saturday. The rain may be heavy at times – especially between Wednesday night and Thursday night. It looks soggy for the Patriots game at Gillette Stadium, although the conditions will be worse from Buzzards Bay to Cape Cod and the islands.

Rain totals between 2.5-5″ from Wednesday through Saturday. Peak winds 30 mph sustained with 40-50 mph gusts likely late Wednesday night into early Friday. Coastal flooding likely during high tides Thursday and Friday.

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