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November 30 – Messy storm Sunday-Monday

It’s just the news that millions of travelers did not want for the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but a messy winter storm will bring snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain to the Northeast. Southern New England will get a burst of snow followed by sleet and then freezing rain and rain on Sunday. The storm lingers through Monday as a second area of low pressure develops and may bring more snow Monday night into Tuesday.

A burst of snow changes to sleet and freezing rain after a coating to 3″ falls on Sunday. The best chance of 2-3″ is inland.

It’s a very tricky forecast with snow starting around midday in CT and early to mid afternoon in RI. A change from snow to sleet, freezing rain or rain is likely within 1-4 hours of the snow beginning. I do not expect more than 3″ of snow before the change to sleet, and I think most areas will get a sloppy inch or two.

It will be all sleet, freezing rain or rain by 5-7 pm, and will likely get warm enough for plain rain overnight. The precipitation will likely be light after the initial burst of snow/sleet. Temps will reach the low 40s near the coast of RI and hover in the mid 30s inland. It could stay near 32 in NW and NE CT.

Rain is likely in most towns early Monday

The forecast for Monday into Monday night is rather uncertain. It will start out above freezing before the temperature falls from northwest to southeast during the day. It may be below freezing in most of CT by 7 pm Monday. Light precipitation is likely during the day with some steadier precipitation at night possible – but that’s by no means a lock to happen. If there’s a band of steady precipitation Monday night, 1-3″ of snow cannot be ruled out. I am favoring an inch or less of snow as the storm moves away. It could be icy regardless as the temperature falls into the 20s overnight.

The temperature falls to freezing or colder Monday afternoon and evening

The winds will be gusty from this storm, but probably not strong enough for any damage. Peak gusts will be 30-40 mph in most towns, with the potential for slightly stronger in SE CT or near the coast of RI.

The storm moves away on Tuesday with quiet conditions likely in the midweek. It will stay chilly as the temperature struggles to get above the low 40s. Another storm system brings rain/snow potential back to Southern New England early next weekend.

Fred Campagna

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