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December 12 – Heavy rain Saturday

It has been a snowy start to the winter season in Southern New England. So far, there have been three events with over 1″ of snow in most of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southeaster Massachusetts. There was also a big rainstorm in this month, with more than 2″ of rain in many towns. Another soaking rainstorm is on the way for the start of the weekend.

Rain will be heavy at times late Friday night through Saturday morning

Expect showers to develop on Friday throughout Connecticut by midday. The rain will take longer to reach Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. There may be enough cold air left in interior Connecticut for a bit of freezing rain at the onset, but I do not expect significant icing or slick roads. Rain develops in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts Friday evening and continues overnight. The temperature will climb through the 40s with gusty winds near the coast. The strongest winds are expected Saturday morning near Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod, where 40+ mph gusts are likely.

Rain will be heavy at times Friday night into Saturday morning. It will stay damp and mild Saturday afternoon. The temperature will be in the 50s. Any snow pack over Southern New England will be gone after this storm. Watch out for some big puddles on the roads Saturday morning. 1-2.5″ of rain is likely with this storm. Sunday looks dry and seasonably cool with highs in the 40s.

It will be cold for most of next week, but a storm system coming through on Tuesday may not have enough cold air to be exclusively snow. It does not look like a big storm, with less than 0.5″ of liquid precipitation likely. Right now, it looks more like a snow to rain event for most of CT, RI and SE MA. There’s about a 20-30% chance of at least 3″ of snow, and a 50-70% chance of at least an inch. The higher odds are inland.

Look for highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s through the middle of next week. The weather pattern favors cold weather next weekend. In fact, it could be the coldest of the season so far next weekend with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens. At this point, it looks mainly or all dry.

Fred Campagna

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