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January 18 – Updated snow forecast

The timing of the quick burst of snow for Saturday evening has not changed much. It still looks like it will start late in the afternoon in Connecticut (3-5 pm) and early in the evening in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts (5-7 pm). Snow will accumulate from the start due to cold temperatures.

It will be snowy Saturday evening in all of Southern New England

The snow may become moderate to heavy at times Saturday evening, but it will not last for very long. Accumulating snow ends before midnight in Connecticut and around midnight in RI and SE MA. It looks like a 1-3″ event at the coast of CT and in the southern half of RI. The rest of the area will likely get 3-5″ of snow (with 3-4″ more likely) except for the higher terrain of NW and NE CT that could see it fluff up to around 6″.

Dry skies return on Sunday. It looks dry and cold through Tuesday before it gets a bit milder in the midweek. Dry weather is highly likely through the workweek. The next chance of snow/rain is not until next weekend.

Fred Campagna

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