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January 26 – Quiet workweek; Storm possible next weekend

A relatively benign month of January in Southern New England continues through most of the upcoming week. It will start with mild weather on Monday before turning colder in the midweek. Look for highs in the 40s Monday and Tuesday before it falls into the 30s from Wednesday through Friday.

Low to mid 40s on Monday

It stays dry through the workweek into next weekend. A storm is possible next weekend, but it’s very uncertain whether all the necessary elements will come together in time to provide significant rain/snow to Southern New England. At this point, the options still range from mainly or all dry weather next weekend to a significant snow event. There will not be a ton of cold air around, so an all-snow event is not the most likely scenario. In fact, the odds are still slightly less than 50/50 that there will be significant precipitation next weekend. It’s a forecast that I will watch very closely this week.

This January has been among the warmest on record in Southern New England. It’s generally between about fifth and fifteenth warmest on record in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Even with the colder weather coming in the middle of the week, the rest of January looks slightly warmer than normal.

Average temperature anomaly next 5 days

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