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March 27 – Chilly rain this weekend

The workweek ends with relatively warm weather on Friday. Expect a breezy day with temperatures in the 50s to near 60. Clouds increase on Saturday as it turns cooler ahead of a storm system that will bring rain from late Saturday through most of Sunday.

The temperature will be in the low 50s on Saturday before the rain arrives, and it will not get out of the 40s on Sunday with off and on rain through the day into the night. There is a decent chance that it stays dry through the day on Saturday.

Chilly rain on Sunday

Monday looks mainly dry with some clouds and highs near 50. The weather will likely be a bit cool for the end of March and April Fools Day on Tuesday and Wednesday. It may not get out of the 40s, but it will likely be dry. There is a low risk of a storm getting far enough north to bring some precipitation in the middle of next week.

The overall theme is for near to slightly above normal temperatures heading into the first weekend of April. That’s still pretty cool in New England, so don’t expect to be breaking out the shorts and tank tops anytime real soon.

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