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April 15 – Snow chances into the weekend

The first threat of snow in Southern New England came very early in the season last November, and the last threat of snow will be very late into the spring. A disturbance passing by Wednesday night into early Thursday is more likely to bring rain showers than snow to most of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. The best chance of snow in CT and RI is in the higher elevations. In Massachusetts, there is a better chance of snow late at night north of the MA Pike.

Snow and rain showers depart early Thursday

Any chilly showers will depart early Thursday. Look for highs near 50 in the afternoon. Clouds increase on Friday ahead of the next system that will likely bring rain and/or snow Friday night into Saturday. It looks like a more vigorous system with a chance to produce snow – especially in the higher elevations Friday night into Saturday morning. At this point, there’s about a 30% chance of enough snow to require shoveling in the I-95 corridor – that’s pretty high for mid-April! The odds are 40-50% of a snow impact in the higher elevations.

If it’s not snow, there’s a good chance it will be cold rain, and the start of the weekend looks pretty awful either way. Expect temps in the 30s to mid 40s on Saturday depending on how quickly the storm moves by. The best chance of any snow sticking to the ground is Friday night. The high sun angle makes it very unlikely that snow will stick during the day in mid-April.

Sunday looks a lot better with dry skies and highs getting well into the 50s. Do not expect it to last. An overall pretty terrible April continues with a close call with a rainy Nor’easter on Monday, and multiple other chances for rain or mix next week. As if being stuck at home wasn’t bad enough, we can’t even seem to get some decent spring-time weather!

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