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May 26 – Rain likely late in the workweek

The temperature in Southern New England is running 2-3° cooler than normal so far this May. Recently, the weather seems to have turned a corner, and it will stay seasonably warm for the next couple of days. An approaching frontal system increases the rain potential late in the workweek.

Look for highs in the 70s at the coast and 80s inland on Wednesday and Thursday. There may be some fog to burn off each morning. A few spotty showers could develop on Thursday and/or there may be a fog bank that moves inland in the afternoon – it’s that time of the year.

Showers are possible Thursday night and Friday

There is a better chance of showers moving through Thursday night. Right now, it looks like the best chance of rain is before 8 am on Thursday and then again after sunset on Friday. Highs will likely be in the 70s on Friday.

It looks like Saturday will be a dry and warm day. The high may be near 80 all the way to the coast because of a northwest breeze. It will not be as warm on Sunday as a stronger cold front moves in. The front may not trigger much, if any, rain, but it will bring noticeably cooler weather early next week. Look for highs in the low 70s on Sunday before it turns cooler. If that front speeds up, it will be in the 60s on Sunday. If it slows down, it may get closer to 80 before it turns cooler.

Highs will be in the 60s for a good chunk of next week. There is a lot of uncertainty about rain chances. A cut-off lower pressure system in the Atlantic Ocean could retrograde (move from east to west) back to New England in the middle of the week – bringing rain or at least cool weather Tuesday/Wednesday. That’s a long way down the road.

Early outlooks for June show near-normal temperatures and below normal rain in New England. Similar long-range models are showing near-normal temperature and precipitation for Southern New England for the meteorological summer from June through August. In case you missed it, this looks like an active to hyperactive tropical season. It starts June 1, but got off a bit early with Arthur forming last week. There is currently a disturbance near the Florida coast that has a 30% chance of developing. That will be drawn north and could enhance the rain in Southern New England late in the workweek.

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