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June 18 – Warm start to summer in SNE

Summer begins at 5:44 p.m. EDT on Saturday, and the start of the season looks relatively warm in Southern New England. It will be warm to hot inland Thursday through Saturday. Highs may get to 90 – particularly on Saturday. It will be cooler near the coast with an onshore breeze. Patchy fog is possible near the coast in the morning.

There is not much rain in the forecast for the next 10-14 days. It will stay relatively warm through next week. The best chance of rain appears to be near the end of next workweek (Thu-Fri) with a cold front bringing thunderstorms into Southern New England. Between now and then, it may not be completely dry, but the worst we’re likely to see is a pop-up t-storm in the afternoon -typical summer stuff.

It looks pretty dry for the next week

Looking way down the road, it will likely stay near to above normal temperature-wise through the end of June into early July. There are some signs of a slow-moving rainmaker in the Eastern United States near the end of June, but it may not reach New England before stalling.

A warm pattern in the Northeast for the second half of June

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