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April 1 – Quiet start to the month

March was a relatively warm and dry month in Southern New England. There was basically no snow in CT, RI and SE MA. The month of April started with some rain Wednesday night, but most of the first 10 days of this April look dry. It will range from much colder than normal Friday into the weekend to above normal temps next week.

The high temperature will struggle to reach the mid 40s with a gusty breeze on Friday. It will be below freezing at night through Sunday morning. Afternoon temps reach the mid-upper 40s on Saturday, and 50s on Sunday. Dry weather likely continues for at least a few days next week.

Dry weather is likely for the next 6-8 days in Southern New England
Very little rain is likely from Friday through the middle of next week

The weather pattern will likely get more active by the end of next week. The middle of April will likely feature some showers, and possibly a slow-moving storm or two near the Mid-Atlantic / New England coast. The odds of snow are low, but chilly rain often happens at this time of the year. Southern New England snowstorms are rare occurrences in April, but we’ve had a few scares in the recent past.

In the long range, models are split on whether the last three weeks of April will be wet or dry. The European model favors wet weather, while the American models favors very dry in the Eastern United States. Both models favor near to warmer than normal weather.

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