Latest on the weekend storm threat

The storm should not have an enormous impact on travel in Southern New England. Some snowy/icy roads are possible Saturday evening, primarily away from the coast. The snow may have a difficult time sticking on treated roads in the Providence area because temperatures are expected to be at or just above freezing. The impact on Northeast airports will not be tremendous, either. The storm will have limited impact in the Mid-Atlantic states, and the airports in Southern New England should have no problem keeping runways clear during the storm. If there is to be an impact, it would most likely be at Logan Airport late Saturday night or early Sunday.

The wind will be gusty, but probably not strong enough to cause widespread damage near the coast. Peak gusts will be in the 40 mph range on Cape Cod and Nantucket as the storm center will be a bit farther south and not as intense as previously projected.

Storm Impacts - Right Weather
Storm Impacts – Right Weather
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