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Heat Index nears 100° inland at noon on Wednesday

Wednesday will not be a record-breaking day in most of Southern New England, but, man, is it hot! The temperature reached the mid 80s to low 90s by late Wednesday morning, and at noon the heat index had reached the mid to upper 90s. The heat index is what it feels like outside when combining the heat and humidity. Dew points in Southern New England were between 70-75° at noon. A heat advisory is in effect for interior SE MA on Wednesday afternoon for heat indices at high as 104°.

Heat and humidity combined make it feel like 95-100°
Heat and humidity combined make it feel like 95-100°

The temperature near the south coast was in the upper 70s to mid 80s at noon. A southwesterly breeze will cool the south coast a bit this afternoon, but it will stay very humid. Scattered strong thunderstorms will develop in the interior Northeast later Wednesday. T-storms are unlikely in RI and SE MA.

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